Church Awake!!!

If there is a time (again!) where the church of Jesus Christ needs to awaken to see the 'harvest fields' around, it is now!

The Lord Jesus did not permit His disciples and followers to begin the church, until they were clothed in power with the Holy Spirit!!! The day of Pentecost was the anointing from heaven for the beginning of the church age - and it has not changed!!!

We see in the story of Ezekiel chapter 37, where Ezekiel is taken in the spirit to the 'valley of dry bones'.

God speaks to Ezekiel and says to him, "prophesy to these bones that they will live". And following the 'rattling of bones, they were then clothed with tissue and skin to cover their bodies! But there was no breath in them - then God instructed to Ezekiel to prophesy to the winds, "Breathe into these dead bodies so they may live again". The breath - the Spirit of God is the life!!

"Oh, may the church of Jesus Christ be full of the precious breath of the Holy Spirit - breathe in these bones O God and send us to a lost world!"

I pray that there is a "vast army" - full of the love and breath of God in this hour.

Pastor Steve 23.05.21

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