Forgiven much - I will love much!!

There is a beautiful story of a woman, who had been seduced and led into a torrid lifestyle. After many years of such living, imagine the mental scars, her low esteem, her bruised and hurting body and that no one cared. Lost in this life style of making a living in this way where was her hope and future?

But suddenly, a day comes when an individual arrives in town, who knew her life and she knew that this man is one who could bring healing to her, physically and also heal her heart. He captivated her so much that she was determined to see him, express her thankful heart to him with her worship.

This is the story of course in Luke 7 (36-50) where this woman wept tears on Jesus' feet, dried them with her hair and kissed them. She then proceeded to break open an expensive alabaster jar and release an anointing oil and perfume on the feet.

Our stories are not to dissimilar as we were all once far from Jesus living our own lives. The question is, how far do we go in response to our Saviour with our gratitude in worship? Do we love Him much? Is He enough for you? Jesus meant everything to the woman in the story and should be all we need to. "We praise you Jesus"

Pastor Steve 14.06.21

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