Handle Well the Revival

In bringing up the Ark of the Covenant to the City of David, King David spent time preparing the place for the Ark of His presence and preparing the teams of people partaking in the celebration, all in accordance with the Word of God.

When things of the Church are prepared in line with the Word of God this can bring much joy and celebration. Unity and obedience are important building blocks into receiving the 'Oil of Joy of His Holy Spirit'.

David's exuberance in joyful dancing and celebration, drew criticism from some!!! When you are on 'fire' for God, there is always a fire extinguisher wanting to put your flame out!!

The joy of The Holy Spirit 'rattles' the religious Spirit and we must not allow that to dampen our fire for Jesus!!

So be aware of those who will say you are a little bit 'over the top' - respond like King David - "over the top?? I have not even started - i am just warming up!!!

I intend to sing and dance into heaven - come and join us in the journey!

Pastor Steve 09.05.21

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