Jesus is Awesome!!!!

There are no words really to describe Jesus - HE IS UNDESCRIBABLE!! Trying to get our minds around the fact that the precious Holy Spirit of God lives in us - these human vessels is beyond our comprehension. That is why, with reverence and awe we must take care of our temples - our bodies - and not permit contamination within us where the Holy Spirit dwells. The Aposle Paul says " do you not know that your body was bought at a price - you are now united with Him - you are SACRED" (1 Corinthians)

Let us be careful and honour God in our homes and bring that AWE to the church building.

At Greenbank we are now setting our hands to work, to restore, paint and may the Church be a dwelling place for His beautiful Holy Spirit. "WE LOVE YOU LORD - MAY YOUR PRESENCE BE HONOURED WITH REVERENCE AND AWE IN OUR BODIES, HOMES AND CHURCHES" Pastor Steve. 22.03.2021

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