"LORD" - do it again!!

Many say they want to see 'revival' in their town's and cities. But in truth, 'revival' has to start in your own heart. The Word of God clearly shows that the nature of God is always the same, yesterday and forever.

It is a call to humility, it has to a call for leaders of the day to proclaim a 'fast' for the town, for intercession and that God will spare His judgement on our generation today. The immorality of the day is sweeping across our land and yet with apathy the church can be occupied with 'self' and trying to please and accommodate a worldly agenda! Not many sacrifice their time in prayer, fasting on their knees and waiting to hear from God. We are too quick to tell the world via social media what we are doing, being conformed to the 'me'- culture of today. But in the closet of the 'prayer room' this is where the eyes of God see's a heart broken for ones town and people.

In the book of Esther, we see Esther responding to the pleas of her uncle Mordecai. A call for her, to use her position in the King's palace to intercede for her people threatened with destruction. Esther responds with a call to fast and prayer for 3 days, and that God will rescue them.

Is the church using it's position in this time? Do our church leaders proclaim a 'fast and prayer' for a nation heading for judgement?

At Greenbank Community Church we are now meeting every week corporately in 'prayer and 'fasting' for our town and people. The church is with us on this and understand the urgency of the hour. If we render and humble our hearts, we know that 'it is written' that God will have mercy, heal our land and set the captives free from bondage and sin. " LORD - do it again!!

Pastor Steve 05.07.21

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