"Lord - speak thro' your servant!"

Jesus said in Matthew 10:20, speaking to His disciples about time of future trouble and accusations, "not to worry about what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you"

That is a wonderful 'promise'!

One of the most precious gifts of the Holy Spirit that one could ask for is responding with God's wisdom to challenging questions and situations.

Jesus was our great teacher in this respect - unfazed by challenging and testing scenarios, He called the accusers out and exposed them and their questions out in the open - and they could not stand His wisdom!!

Let us desire and learn not to respond with our own intellect and passion and engage in debates - but to petition the Lord with the situation and be guided by Him. Psalm 81:10 says "open wide your mouth - and I will fill it".

It is the Holy Spirit of God that is given to us - His Church in this day - to enable us to speak up and and be His VOICE"


Pastor Steve 01.06.21

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