Our Lives for Christ - a Freewill Offering!

In Deuteronomy 16: 9 to 12, God outlines to the Israelites the pattern to celebrate the Festival of Weeks. This involved bringing a 'freewill offering' in proportion to how they perceived how God had blessed them. In effect, He is seeing their hearts how they viewed their blessing from God and what they would bring as an 'offering' to the Lord.

As Christians, we must see that God did not hold back and His Son was given for us! The disciples and followers of Jesus knew that in return for what God had done for them, they gave their lives with joy!! The day of Pentecost came at the same time as the 'Festival of weeks'!

Do you perceive that the only offering we can bring to God is our whole lives? To surrender our lives to God, that He is the author of our lives and we owe Him everything. He is so worth it - His plans and desires for us are perfect and knowing Him, the very presence of The Holy Spirit living in us is beyond words! Give Him all - and see what He will do through you!!!

Pastor Steve 12th April 2021

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