Starting from Scratch!

Jesus, after being baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit was led by the 'Spirit' to a 'wilderness' - a desert to be tempted by the devil. After resisting the temptations as written in Luke chapter 4, the word says that "Jesus, left the wilderness in the power of the Holy Spirit"! Come on!! There are moments when there is testing, moments of anguish and hunger.

The church is being called to humility again - in prayer and fasting and seek the face of God. To intercede for a broken generation amidst the dark cloud of immorality covering the earth. For too long, the (church!) has been conforming to the immoral filth gaining momentum around the earth but it is time to go down on our knees corporately and pray and fast like never before. Because, the Bible shows, that those who call out to Him, in prayer, fasting and repentance can expect God to hear such anguished prayers.

Enough of 'slick, popular and conforming church' - enough of church to attract numbers on seats and tickle the ears of the congregants and saying "all is well" - "you can live your best life now"! It is a time for the Jehoshapats, Moredecai's, Esther's , Daniel's and more to intercede. It is about HIM alone!! He deserves the glory! The apostle Paul said that to "live is Christ, and die is gain". We live and breathe Jesus - wake up and PRAY!!

Pastor Steve 27.06.21

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