The Battle is won - on our knees!

2 Chronicles 20, verses 18 to 19 says, "And Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem bowed before the LORD, worshipping the LORD".

This was all in response following 'desperate' prayers, borne from a heart of anguish to a particular situation. This was the threat of nations coming against Judah with huge armies and the likelihood of defeat.

But when we take to the Lord our prayers in all situations, seeking His face for direction and trusting in Him, we can repeat the words of King Jehoshaphat in verse 12 -" For we have no power against this multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You".

The Lord is still the same, if we seek Him humbly in prayer and fasting He will respond.

With the world becoming more and more like- "as in the days of Noah " and "as in the days of Lot" the Church from a heart of anguish can intercede with prayer and fasting. Let us get on our knees and pray - and from a position of humility let God be God in the battle and receive the Glory and Honour. Jesus is worthy of all honour and praise.

Pastor Steve 22.06.21

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