Unconditional love - with conditions!

"For God so ;loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life".(John 3:16) These words, spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ himself convey how much God the Father loves the world - that the blood of His own Son would pay for the 'sinful' nature of man once and for all. Wow - i have no words in my vocabulary to even start to think of this great sacrifice.

One of the 'conditions' for this offer of unconditional offer available to every human on earth was the cost to God Himself - the pain, emotion and suffering of Jesus. What a condition - that God Himself would allow Jesus to die.

Unconditional love is based upon the mercy and grace of God that has been made available. The bible clearly shows that "God lives in a high and holy place, BUT ALSO with him who is contrite and lowly in Spirit". (Isaiah 57:15). It takes a certain person to accept this 'gift' from God - those who know that they need a Saviour' and recognise Jesus as the Son of God.

God's purpose for saving a 'man or woman' - is to display His saving transforming work through them. That once upon a time, they were once one way - and now another. A new creation - a transformed life changed by the saving power of God and the deposit of the Holy Spirit within! And when people exclaim " what happened to you? - you've changed?" - your only response can be - " yes, i am changed, it is the saving power of Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection that has given me new life". This is what Jesus said in John 3:3, to be 'born again' of the Spirit of God.

Unconditional love available for all, whatever one has done! Even to the worst of sinners! But, we Must accept and believe in Jesus Christ, be born again of the Holy Spirit, deny self, carry our cross daily and follow Him. He is worth it!!!

Pastors Steve and Liliana 13.07.21

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